Pura Vida

i never liked andy sandberg much for some reason. i think its because he reminds me of this kid during highschool that would aggressively hug me, then flip me because one of my ”’friends”’ thought it was funny


poor jerry :(


I’ve been watching parks and rec and i think i have a bigger crush on aubrey plaza now than rashida jones its weird 

♥1927 teacher: introduce yourself to the class
me: hi im todd, i like to paintball, crochet and a lil spoken word in my free time… white guys connect

the fact that ceelo green is a problematic doesn’t surprise me tho dude look like jabba the hut


Lenka Konopasek (b. 1967, Czech Republic) - Strike II, 2007    Paintings: Oil on Canvas

run the jewels

Alain Delon in Le Samouraï (1967)

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The Velvet Underground were pioneers. The flashing lights, the entrancing music, people dancing aimlessly in an amphetamine-fuelled daze - The Exploding Plastic Inevitable was the first ever rave. 


I need to water my plants


During the location shoot in Peru for Aguirre, the Wrath of God, Director Werner Herzog takes a moment to look through his binoculars.

On Melancholy Hill (Acoustic) by Gorillaz

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